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Yi Jing (I Ching) Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method – Level III

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong’s Yi Jing (I Ching) Heart Energy Distinctive Healing method – Level III will dramatically expand your knowledge for self-healing and healing others.

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You will learn methods to determine the root cause of an illness—moving beyond the symptoms of its physiological source to its psychological source—and to discover when the original seed was planted. We are taught how to see into the past, to know when in the past the harmful seed was planted. Grandmaster Fu teaches a practical approach to remove the root cause, thereby restoring true health. The class covers more than 100 medical conditions. Those working in the healing arts will find that the information profoundly expands one’s understanding of the causes of illness and one’s repertoire of tools to transform it. But whether or not you work in the health field, the information and practices covered in Level III provide a priceless deepening of your personal practice and understanding of how to regard and resolve health problems.

Level III is a study of Eastern psychology as known in Chinese Medicine. It connects physiological manifestations of health problems to their associated psychological causes. This highly developed, advanced and specialized knowledge has been preserved in Emei Qigong. It is extremely difficult to come by. It is not taught in Chinese medical schools. Chinese tradition holds knowledge closely; it considers knowledge a most precious treasure. In keeping with this, only very select groups know the secrets and teachings of the Yi Jing Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method. Because Grandmaster Fu pledged to his teacher and to himself that he would do what he can to help end the pain  and suffering of humanity, he is sharing this knowledge by teaching Emei Qigong’s Level III.

So how does the method work? It is obvious that it’s not possible to escape being ill. Some health problems occur and then are cured; other problems stick around to become chronic health issues. Usually, we or our doctors try to trace our health problems to a cause. For example, someone might accept that he has chronic shoulder problems because he fell off a ladder and injured his shoulder; his sister continues to have neck pains because she was badly injured in a car accident, and his friend has migraine headaches and high blood pressure because her mother had migraine headaches and her father had high blood pressure.

Within the Western medical system, we may be able to trace a health problem to a physical cause. However, addressing only the perceived physical cause of the problem is like cutting off the weeds but not digging out the roots—the problem is likely to recur.  In the Emei system, we see persistent health problems as having a psychological cause. If we can identify the person, event or thing that created the original disturbance in the emotions, we are in a position where it is possible to fully resolve the health issue.

Applying Level III knowledge to the above shoulder problem, for example, the person might realize that he had friction—either now or in the past—in his relationships with peers; it might be with his spouse, siblings or friends. His sister’s neck heals poorly and incompletely because of aspects of her psychological nature; she tends to be a bit stubborn and inflexible, and feels caught between the authority figures above her and the subordinates below her. His friend’s migraines are connected to emotions she experienced with regard to authority figures—a parent, a teacher, the law, or perhaps her church’s teachings—in her life.  Her high blood pressure stems from a time, past or present, when she pushed herself to achieve goals that were a bit too high.

In the Emei system, we see that illnesses that are serious, recurrent or chronic are most effectively treated by identifying and transforming the psychological roots of the physiological condition. When we can find the seed that was planted in the past, the resulting root can be eliminated.

We are all interested and involved in matters of health. We have our own health to be concerned about; we are concerned about the health of our loved ones, our parents, our spouse or significant other, our children, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends. This class will give you extraordinary tools for navigating life’s inevitable health challenges, increasing your capacity for healthy and joyful living. You will also be able to give guidance to others to help them heal.

In addition, Level III includes advanced Meta-Acupuncture healing as well as a half-day review of Level II material.

This is a rare opportunity as this class is not offered frequently.

Look forward to having you in class.

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