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Remote Classes and Healings

Remote Classes and Healings

Greetings Everyone,

We are all being influenced by the Earth and her global rebalancing and transformational shifting process influenced by the pandemic. The ripple effect is far and wide and we are seeing and feeling its intensity in our daily lives.

But, within every Crisis there is Opportunity. 

We have choice if we can feel the separation of self from our emotions, thoughts and feelings. We are feeling our emotions, we are not our emotions. When our emotional state is balanced, our pain and suffering can also become closer to a balanced state. We can choose which direction we want to energetically align. If we are overrun by fear or worry or anxiety or greed, the crisis will be the reality.  Our goal is to cultivate when opportunity presents itself.  The pandemic is creating the need and the social distancing is creating the space.

To empower us to use our ability to choose calmness over calamity, I advocate that we create a daily qigong practice to process stored Qi information which influences our emotional and mental response. This is imperative as we navigate this shift and transformation. The goal is to “lighten up”  our own vibration in order to be at this new energetic frequency and transcend what’s happening with greater ease.

The light connects us

We Are One

We are indeed all in this together, and we will all be impacted. The Qi understanding “We are One” is evident with the impact of this pandemic. With practice and connection comes harmony and ease. With unified practice times we can create a stronger Qi field for processing and support.

Quan Yin, Mother of Compassion

Here are some ways and times to connect and create more harmony and ease: 

1. Join my Emei Qigong Wuji Gong classes, either with mind intention or through the free Zoom basic app.

You’ll need to load Zoom onto your device. Go to their website Zoom.us to download. You’ll need an email, e.g. use the Join Via Google if you have a gmail address.

To Join the Zoom Meeting, please contact Pat Bolger well before the times listed below and she will give you the ID and Password. She can be reached at pbolger@emeiqigongchan.com or 203-500-6492

Not on Zoom, but you can still “tune in” with intention:

  • Every Sunday remote Emei Qi healing with conscious consent and intention to receive. There is also a furry friend animal group too at these same times.
  • 9:30pm EDT for those with cancer, tumor or cyst.
  • 10:00pm EDT for all others.

2. Inquire about a phone session with an energy healing. Connection can be made by phone, Face Time, Zoom or SKYPE.


3. Create a daily qigong practice to keep your Qi field strong and resilient.

Consider doing your qigong practice daily at one or more of these time periods. Suggestion: Set your phone’s alarm to these times, and if possible, set the sound to the Emei Universal mantra.

  • 9:00am (to support the Spleen- parent to the Lungs)
  • 12:00pm (to support the Heart)
  • 6:30pm (to support the Kidneys)

This way students will create and strengthen specific Qi fields which will create positive impact for these yin organs.

4. Each time you wash your hands tone the Emei Universal Mantra repeatedly, using deep breathing – A Mi Di Li Gong Zhen Hong (Ah Mee Dee Lee Gong Jen Hong).

May your heart find peace during these difficult days

Level 1 & Level 2 Teaching Update

Thank you to the attendees of the the recent Level 1 and Level 2 Classes. Please watch for the next invitation for future Emei Qigong Seminars in 2020 via Zoom.

Grandmaster Fu teaches a group of children while Emei instructors practice Wuji Gong in the background

Contact Pat Bolger for ID and Passwords to remote events by emailing pbolger@emeiqigongchan.com.

Stay Home. Wear Masks. Wash Your Hands. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

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