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Class Donations for Remote Events

Class Donations for Remote Events


We greatly appreciate your contribution for our remotely held ongoing events. Know that your staying home, wearing masks in public, and practicing effective social distancing is vitally important. You are playing an important role in the fight against COVID-19.

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Class Donations

Thank you for making class donations! We raised $555 that was subsequently matched by the Jane D. Weiss Family Foundation and donated to Hartford Healthcare Covid-19 fund. We cannot express our gratitude with words. You are also supporting Emei Qigong Chan and the promotion of Emei Qigong in Connecticut and beyond. When you attend a Wuji Gong Class or Mediation, and send the merit of your practice to others in need, you’re helping to transform lives. It is a win-win-win as you build your qi, support Emei Qigong and help others!

Every donation counts. A $10 donation for each remote class or meditation and $20 for the karmic clearing is ideal. However, we understand these are trying times. Always consider your own financial situation and donate only what you can afford. We are grateful all that you’ve done. Together we rise.

Moving forward, we will be collecting donations for classes, healings and meditations and send them as we can to organizations and others in need. We know the need is great during these challenging times and we will continue to support as many families and organizations that we can. Thanks again for your continuing support!

Pat has shifted her practice from in-person to remote healing via phone or Zoom calls.  Please email her at pbolger@emeiqigongchan.com or call 203-500-6492 to schedule your appointment.

Our desire to stop the spread of the coronavirus remains steadfast and strong. Consequently, all Emei Qigong classes and events taught by Pat will be held remotely, via Zoom until further notice. Contact us if you need the Zoom ID/Password.

Thank you for practicing Emei qigong. Thank you for practicing social distancing, and thank you for supporting Emei Qigong Chan!

Wuji Gong and Meditation Donation

We’re in this together.

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