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The art and teaching of Emei Qigong

The art and teaching of Emei Qigong /


Ongoing Emei Qigong Classes

Ongoing Emei Qigong Classes

Joining a group practice is an excellent way to learn Wuji Gong, the fundamental form of Emei Qigong, and to keep your practice strong.

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Wuji Gong Practice – Our most popular ongoing Emei Qigong Class

Joining a group practice is an excellent way to learn Wuji Gong, the fundamental form of Emei Qigong, and to keep your practice strong. Some students practice only once a week, at group practice. Others use the group practice as a way of keeping themselves motivated and disciplined. Group practices are a wonderful opportunity to feel and build the group energy field within community. The group field intensifies the healing result.

Silent Meditation and QiGong Group Healing

Students sit in Chan (Zen) silent meditation after a Qi healing is initiated by the use of meta-acupuncture, a level 2 technique. The Universal mantra is used to harmonize the group field at onset with a qigong closing.

New Monthly Ongoing Qigong Class Offering!

Beginning September 5th, 2020

Please join us the first Saturday of each month at 10am EST

“Feeling the Qi” Standing Qi Gong Form

10:00a m – 11:00 am
All Classes held remotely via Zoom
Fee: $100 for all 12 Monthly Classes

What is the “Qi Feeling Form”?

There are many Qigong styles in China. Most of their theory includes a standing practice form. The time it requires for students to feel the Qi (the universal energy, bio electricity) in standing form is a challenge.

The Emei ‘ancient style’ can help people easily feel the Qi through the standing form.
In just 3~5 minutes you will be able to feel very strong Qi sensations. This practice nourishes and energizes your internal organs, and makes them more efficient and effective.
It also increases spiritual awareness and connection.

Class Duration 40-60 minutes
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Certified Emei Qigong Instructor, Young Zhang

Young Zhang teaching “Feeling the Qi” Standing Qigong Form

This class provides students with an introduction to Emei Qigong 14th generation teacher,
Young Zhang, who is a student of Grandmaster Fu, the 13th lineage holder of Emei Qigong.

Young is being sponsored by
www.emeiqigongchan.com and www.emeiqigongharmony.com

For more Emei Qigong, a list of certified teachers and more information on classes offered, please visit the parent website:


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