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The art and teaching of Emei Qigong

The art and teaching of Emei Qigong /


Healing Arts of Emei QiGong – Level I

Go beyond words and discover what balancing body, mind and spirit truly means.

Next Class 3/16-3/18

In Emei Qigong Level I, you will learn Wuji Gong, the form that is the cornerstone of the practice, and how to sense your qi, or energy. You will be introduced to the fundamental theories of Emei Qigong, and you will have the opportunity to practice a variety of techniques for healing yourself and healing others.

Specific topics include Emei Qigong’s healing sounds; how to use the Universal Mantra for healing yourself and others; the six secrets of qi healing; what empowered objects are and how to use them; how to transfer and clear disease energy and emotional disturbances; how to eradicate suffering, and how to sustain happiness.

3-Day Seminar Highlights

  • What is Qigong?
  • Wuji Gong form. Thorough explanation of the postures and theory. Daily practice and form correction.
  • Six secrets of healing.
  • When and where to practice.
  • Healing with empowered objects. What they are; why they work; how to use them.
  • Emei Qigong’s sacred healing sounds. These sounds act like tuning forks on the internal organs, rebalancing and restoring their correct energetic function. Correlations between the organs and the emotions explained.
  • Five causes of illness. An explanation of the different types of illness that plague mankind and what methods to use to address each.
  • The body’s energy field. Learn the body’s different energetic layers, what they do, and how they factor into the healing process.
  • How to sustain happiness. Cleansing the heart; understanding the root of suffering; the four greeds; and more.
  • The nature of karma. The different energies that combine to create an individual’s karma; how to change one’s karma.
  • Yin and yang. What they mean.
  • The yin-yang taiji symbol. What it represents.
  • Method to transfer and clear disease. A powerful tool for removing the energetic root cause of physical illness or emotional distress as well as transforming negative energy fields.
  • The universal mantra. How to use the universal mantra for protection and healing.
  • Qi transmission healing. Accessing the Wuji Qi for healing.
Next Class TBD

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