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Emei Qigong Level IV Training

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong will be teaching all days of Level 4 Seminar this summer.

Emei Qigong Level IV

Level IV is the 20-day Emei Qigong Level 1 Teacher Training.

  • Level IV students must have a certain level of understanding about the theories, methods and healing techniques of Levels I, II and III and must also have started using them. They must also have the potential of holding national or local seminars. 
  • After a student completes the Level I Teacher Training Course, if he or she chooses to become an Emei Qigong Level I Teacher, he or she will then continue the training to be a teacher under Master Patricia Bolger’s direction at one Level I seminar followed by a second independent Level I seminar.
  • After students successfully pass all the training, and teach two Level I seminars and pass Grandmaster Fu’s selection criteria, which includes virtue and ability, they will then be certified as “Emei Qigong Level I Teachers”. 

General Course Outline:

  •     Wuji Gong form correction
  •     Review Level I theories, methods and energy-­‐adjusting techniques
  •     Review Level II theories, calculating the balancing element, and the Grand Method of Transferring Five Elements Energy
  •     Learn new theories regarding Level II material
  •     Master the theories and applied techniques of Levels I, II and III
  •    Training in finding and correcting inaccurate postures and movements
  •    Training in methods of emphasizing the focus of the lecture as well as good lecturing skills
  •    Practicing all the above-­‐mentioned techniques and methods in groups
  •    Overall review of Levels I, II and III
  •    Training in the method of adjusting the group energy to do Group Healing
  •    Training in arranging Level I seminars and procedures
  •    Practice arranging seminars


  • Tuition for Level IV is $5000. Payment is due in full before the seminar begins. This can be made in 3 installments.
  • Training for all days will be from 9:30am-5:30pm.
  • Please call Patricia Bolger at 203-500-6492 at your earliest convenience to register and reserve your space.
  • Please note: we must have a verbal commitment of at least 10 students by February 21, 2019 so that Grandmaster Fu can make his travel arrangements.
  • All Level IV Classes will be held in Prospect, Connecticut.
  • We will offer information and help about reasonable accommodations if you will be traveling to CT. Several students are also offering spare rooms in their homes as lodging options. Stay tuned for details!


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