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Empowered Emei Qigong Objects - Jade

Emei Qigong Empowered Objects

Emei Qigong Empowered Objects
There are many doors into the practice of Emei Qigong.
One of the doors to access Emei teaching is by using Emei Qigong empowered objects. The empowered objects offered for practice within Emei qigong  are an empowered blanket (which has balanced yin-yang magnetic flakes to generate a magnetic field ), a 4” Jade medallion, a small beaded green jade necklace, a carnelian mala necklace and a mala bracelet. All carry the same empowerment although have different inherent qualities due to their substances.

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th Lineage holder of Emei Qigong and the monks and nuns of the Emei lineage in China empower these objects by exposing them to a 49-day process during which they are infused with more than 5,000 ancient symbols and mantras. This transforms the natural attributes of the objects to make them a powerful tool for our use. Thanks to this empowerment, they are able to integrate with energy and spirit and can be used as a multi-dimensional tool for healing within the Universal Qi field. This empowerment creates a continuously-absorbing, positive energy from heaven and earth while simultaneously emitting its miraculous energy. The objects also absorb negative and sick energies and neutralize them.

Often times students of Emei may gift a loved one an object to aid in their healing that is achieved even if the person receiving the item has no understanding of the empowerment. The empowered object acts as an antenna to amplify the natural healing energy that arrives when we are hurt or in pain. It also creates a multi-dimensional relationship with the Universal Qi field. For further understanding refer to the Healing Arts of Emei Qigong- Level 1 Book or attend a Level 1 training. For a list of all certified teachers, please visit www.emeiqigong.us.

The Emei qigong empowered objects contain a balanced level of all the 5 elements, they stimulate the qi in the body and open up the channels for qi circulation. This increases the practitioner’s acquisition of perceptual understanding and increases the motivation to practice. It can enhance the sensitivity of the human body, strengthen the body’s sensory perception of the external environment, and increase the ability to receive qi information. Additionally, it can create the conditions for the development of latent abilities.

The empowered jade gives rise to ever-changing results whenever it is activated by mind intention. Once it is activated, your mind intention will allow you to perceive whatever energy information you require. This lays excellent groundwork for future use of qi information to heal oneself and others and to search, locate, and identify illness for yourself and others through a cultivated ability to detect and identify diseases.

Efficacies and Functions
The empowered objects can:

  • Dispel illness and exorcise evil
  • Eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation, and stasis
  • Circulate blood and energy
  • Strengthen vitality
  • Balance the life energy field and the five elements system within the body
  • Balance the mental state
  • Enhance spirituality
  • Improve the moving program of life
  • Adjust feng shui
  • Increase wisdom and enhance intelligence.

All objects can be used to make empowered water to drink for internal cleansing.

If you drink and use qigong water everyday, you can achieve the following

  • Eliminate the contamination of tortured souls/energy entities and negative energy information that is already in your body.
  • Eliminate or reduce greed.
  • Eliminate or reduce pain immediately. Treat all illnesses.
  • Increase your psychological health and reduce the seven emotional disease-causing factors.
  • Improve your physiological health.
  • Strengthen your energy, eliminate exhaustion, and feel energetic.
  • Cleanse the physiological toxins in the body, reduce weight, and preserve youth.
  • Promote the healing of skin diseases if you apply it to the skin. Beautify and rejuvenate the skin if you apply it to the face.
  • Enhance the abilities and powers of mind.

I use my empowered objects daily and am continuously amazed at their qualities and ever-evolving abilities to heal myself and others. In my next post I will describe some of the specific ways I work with each of these amazing objects.

Patricia Bolger

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