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Wannian Temple and The Golden Summit

My guide’s name is Zeng, a lovely vibrant woman with a wonderful giggle. Although she does not speak English, between prepared notes and a phone app interpreter, we made out perfectly fine. As a tour guide she knew how to connect to many people along the way who spoke a little English to delightfully enhance my experience.

We set out early morning to get a full day in before ending at the Jingling Hotel for our planned sunset at the Golden Summit. She planned out a rigorous trek but I later found out Wannian Temple is the only necessity to visit when coming to Mt Emei. This temple is considered the heart of Mt Emei. It’s dedicated to the Bodhisattva Puxian, the Buddhist Lord of Truth and protector of the mountain.

We traveled by way of Ninxin Pavilion, Qingyin Pavilion, through Bailong Cave and up the thousands of steps, which requires strong legs, knees and lungs. Not a path to be underestimated but so well worth it! A cable car awaited us that then took us to the bus for a reprieve before the final assent, all by stone pathway, and yes, more stairs! The best part was a monkey visitation at a popular cliff dwelling. It is a favorite pastime for tourists to tease and engage them into interaction. Today was a winner with many monkeys visiting us!image2

I’ve read mainstream reviews of traveling on Mt Emei but for me, a practitioner of Emei Qigong, it is like coming home. When we use the Emei mountain mudra in Level 2 we are connecting to Mt Emei to strengthen the antennae and our energetic connection. Whether there is clear visibility, mist or rain, none impacts the energetic experience. The dreams come immediately once in the Emei area but are the most intense at the summit.
Typically I sleep through the night so why am I awakening at 12:00am nightly? Finally on top of Mt Emei I realized it is the daily 12:00 energetic connection, of course. It’s working!
There’s not much to see in the early morning light amidst the light rain and midst but a mystical happening never the less. I’m amazed to see so many pilgrims making their way in the early hours in hope to see the radiant light. Instead we intermingle as it quietly gets brighter and the rain ceases as I find a few who speak English and share this unique moment with people of so many descents making their way to this mountaintop. Also, the temple cat and resident makes his rounds and warms hearts.
This precious time to just be in this Qi is the purpose for this journey and I am again rewarded.
Our descent is with ease although within a great flow of people making the ascent. I do not know if this will be my last visit in this lifetime but again my heart is filled and rejuvenated by the blessings of Mt Emei.
Back at Zhongfeng Ji I prepare for the coming of my fellow students and Grandmaster Fu tomorrow. My heart sings feeling a deep contentment within feeling blessed and grateful. Time to go do Wuji Gong on the temple grounds.

Patricia Bolger

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