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The art and teaching of Emei Qigong

The art and teaching of Emei Qigong /



Traveling to China for Emei Qigong


Preparation is everything! My intention was to empty my cup in preparation for an inner journey of a lifetime. Arriving at JFK relaxed, centered and “in ready position” cannot be taken for granted. Following the law of Qi, the formless state comes before substance and then finally form. This attention creates balance. Totally underrated! So I widened the runway for “takeoff” by creating space during the 18 months of preparation for this inner journey. As I listen to the hum of the quiet conversations on the plane, it soothes me like a gentle, warm wave. Surrendering to not understanding a word creates peacefulness. Remembering my last trip to China, that created swollen ankles and lower legs that lasted a few days upon arriving, I decided to be more proactive. During this 14-hour flight and a subsequent 3-hour flight I focused on doing Wuji Gong and the Universal mantra. Following the lead of so many of my Chinese companions I rotated my neck, ankles, hands, wrists and pounded my arms along the large intestine channel. After arriving at the Buddha Zen hotel in Chengdu 21 hours later I did more Qigong, took Central Qi for the spleen, a Chinese patent herb used for jet lag, and did the tuning fork on all the prominent points on my legs and feet. Voila! I awoke edema free! Success! Ready for my first day in the heart of a Buddha community just outside of Wenshu Temple.



Patricia Bolger

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