Emei Qigong Level II




Changing the Moving Program of Life – Emei Qigong Level II

Class Offerings: July 13 – July 18, 2017, 9:00am – 5:00pm

This six-day seminar offers a powerful method for changing your karma. Level II continues the practice and focuses on the moving and still meditations.

What you learn in Level II

  • A more comprehensive understanding of the five element theory than is commonly taught.
  • How to analyze an individual’s Four Pillars to arrive at the correct balancing element for that individual.
  • Simple changes you can make in your daily life to adjust your personal feng shui.
  • The moving and still practices for “Changing the Moving Program of Life”, a profound method for altering one’s destiny.
  • Meta-acupuncture, a powerful tool that can be used not only in person but is also effective for remote healing.
  • In addition, class participants will receive an empowerment that closes Earth’s Gate and opens the Heaven’s Door.
  • Your birth time is required.

Prerequisite: It’s best to take Emei Qigong Level I before taking Level II, to better understand the material.

Location : Holistic Therapies Classroom, 15 South Elm St., Wallingford

2016 Level II Class Offerings: July 13 – 18, 2016


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